Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Music 2015 - Part 17 - Suzanne Jarvie - Spiral Road

This next album is interesting. It was great to see it reviewed by Netherlands-based blog De krenten uit de pop. It beat me to it, I should have got my act together on Thursday, but that is just fine; we seem to share similar tastes in music.
This is a début album with a difference. In an age when artists get younger and Taylor Swift has released five LPs before the age of twenty-six, this is a début LP by a Canadian artist born in the 1960s. Its genesis is both tragic and an interesting story of how music can be inspired.

Spiral Road is released by independent label Continental Song City, one of those independent labels that can now be relied on to produce interesting fare, on 23 February in the UK. It is already released in North America.
Can I pick favourite songs here? Well no, at least not yet, but it is early days. That is a good sign; were the LP marginal in any sense I would be stating my stand-out(s) and then cutting loose.
Not so long ago I wrote about another Canadian artist, Lynne Hanson and her latest LP Rivers Of Sand. That was also released by Continental Song City and it looks like the label has more interesting releases forthcoming.

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