Monday, September 21, 2015

End Of The Road 2015 - Across All Stages - Part 2

After a week away from reminiscing over the festivals of the summer just gone I return to the last one I visited once again.
I mentioned the release of the LP 'Sprinter', the second by Torres from Athens GA, right back near the start of the year. When it was announced that she was playing EOTR 2015 she went straight on my list of must-see live acts and therefore here she is.

Mackenzie Scott and her band played The Woods Stage on Friday afternoon.

Opening The Woods Stage that is the main, as in largest, one on Friday lunchtime was another artist I have already mentioned in connection with his album 'All These Dreams'.
Andrew Combs and his supporting band.

Over to the tented Big Top Stage and something that, owing to the unavailability of another act, was a late switch to this stage from the much smaller Tipi Stage. This was fortunate for two reasons: the new venue was better suited to the music and, given the turnout, the Tipi Stage would have proven too small (this is an increasing problem more generally).

Jane Weaver, Big Top Stage, Friday evening.
I must admit that this is a case where, until she was announced in the line up for EOTR, Jane Weaver was an artist of who I was aware but little more despite the release of several albums.  I listened to her latest release 'Silver Globe' then in fact two, with the arrival of 'The Amber Light', and decided that she should be on my list of things to see live. It was a good choice, albeit rather different to the majority of the music I tend to favour, as well as being the only non-American artist featured in this narrative.

To return to type, this is an artist who I have seen before and would quite happily see again and again. Even Sufjan Stevens, headlining The Woods Stage on what was his first ever UK festival performance, couldn't keep me away for very long...
Mark Lanegan headlined the Garden Stage on Saturday evening.

Last but certainly not least, also on The Garden Stage but on Sunday afternoon in the glorious sunshine, was another US band that are blazing a trial through UK consciousness in 2015 due in large part to the 2014 LP 'Colfax'.
They played a number of new songs and these were at least as good as any that have come before in my opinion.
I interpreted that to be a statement of intent.

I shall be back with more about festivals soon, I'm quite sure. In the meantime it is time to catch up on new music and start considering all the music from 2015 that I have already listened to and await some choice releases that will appear over the next few weeks.

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