Sunday, September 13, 2015

End Of The Road 2015 - Across All Stages - Part 1

Here is an interestingly useless statistic.  EOTR 2015 saw me break my own records for both the longest and the shortest time to see two complete sets by the same band (comprising the same band members with no additions or deletions) ever. Three of the four sets happened last Saturday. 

This is US trio Ex Hex playing the Big Top stage late on Saturday afternoon. It was just 5hr 8 min between the start of the first set and the finish of the second set, on The Tipi Stage, of which more later.

The other is London five-piece The Duke Spirit. I somehow missed seeing them play at Latitude 2010 but not on the (main) Woods Stage at EOTR 2015.
The first time was one of my first ever trips away to see a live band since my student days: on 21 May 2005 I ventured to The Astoria, London to see The Duke Spirit play [I took no pictures of that]. That is also fifteen months before the first EOTR took place! 
The Astoria is no more - it was demolished in 2010 and the site is now part of the soon-to-be-opened Tottenham Court Road CrossRail station. I guess you might say that I got the live-music bug. Other than that very little has changed except to say that, 3758 days later, their music is rather back in fashion...
Liela Moss, The Duke Spirit, EOTR, 5 September 2015.
The band finished the set with 'Love Is An Unfamiliar Name' from the 2005 album Cuts Across The Land.

I have long held The Garden Stage to be the most beautiful festival venue and I'm not about to change my mind now. Headlining it on the Sunday evening is an artist whom I have seen live a number of times but, again, not for longer than I might have wished. To be fair this was a pairing of artist and stage made in Heaven and she had enough time to showcase songs both new and from way back, including 'My Manic and I' from the originally vinyl-only 2007 EP of that name.
Laura Marling - The Garden Stage - Sunday evening.

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