Tuesday, March 07, 2017

New Music 2017 - Part 12 - Threaded - Of What We Spoke

First off,  this is their début album from 2015, so not 2017. The reason I am including it here is that having managed to avoid discovering it for eighteen months or so and I'm guessing I might not be the only one.
Secondly, I really like it and I feel that it is too good not to share. Suffice to say 'Threaded' is another act on my list of priorities to see play live.

All classically trained at the Birmingham Conservatoire, Threaded comprises:
  • Jamie Rutherford - vocals, guitar
  • Ning-ning Li - violin
  • Rosie Bott - clarinet
Their music is contemporary folk, both tunes and songs, not least for the inclusion of clarinet. As far as I am aware these are all new compositions but if I'm wrong about that please let me know.  This is the track list:
  1. The Living Room
  2. Left Off
  3. Captain Markham
  4. A Secret Charm
  5. Dreamfire
  6. Mr. & Mrs. Jones
  7. Drafted
  8. The Courtyard
  9. Flat 71
  10. Return to Penpole Wood
  11. Crosse/Parrack
  12. You Will Always Be The One
This is a taste of what to expect.

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