Friday, March 24, 2017

New Music 2017 - Part 14 - Holly Henderson - Opium Drip EP

So this is another 2016 release that I missed. No surprise there I suppose, but what a fail this was. 
Holly Henderson has history as a guitarist known as 'Kitty Vacant' in all-female punk group 'The Sex Pissed Dolls'. I realise that this isn't getting me off to a promising start when it comes to enthusiasm for the artist, who hails from Maidstone, Kent. In terms local to here Maidstone evinces the same kind of sympathetic condescension as Trowbridge. Both are very forgettable county towns.

She decided to break away from the outright noise [although she now also plays with Los Angeles-based multinational hard rock outfit DORJA --- about which I shall mention more very soon] to record solo stuff that shows that she is a sensitive guitar player and
 also a fine songwriter too. The result is this, which she regards as an EP but at seven tracks and almost 33½ minutes in length is at least a mini-album. She is entirely responsible for the cover artwork too.

Holly Henderson - Opium Drip EP (self-released, 30 August 2016).

This is the playlist:
  • Breakdown
  • Life Has a Bug (I Fell Ill)
  • Side Streets
  • Your Hands
  • Cold Cold Heart
  • Opium Drip
  • The Game
A full LP is to follow soon and apparently the only track from the EP to appear on it will be the song 'Opium Drip'. If it is as good as the EP then it will be quite something.

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