Thursday, August 16, 2007

'Want To Listen' Music 2007 - Part 5

The problem is that, much as I like wandering off on excursions into musical byways and backwaters, I can certainly still find and enjoy plenty of releases by artists well known who have recently released new material, or are shortly to do so.

Here is one of each of mine as of now...

Kelly Clarkson - My December

Yes I know; she was the first winner of 'American Idol' and I'm usually pretty unimpressed with such 'reality TV' artists but, amongst all the choss, there has to be a something that shines...

Kelly Clarkson turned out to be less the diamond, more a seam of bright coal, and the further she moves away from her 'Idol' beginnings the better she becomes. My December is another big shift from her 2005 album Breakaway - and one that is taxing her home fans. On the other hand it seems perfectly placed to take Europe, Japan and Australasia by storm - they are already no strangers to her music - because this time it's darker and more confessional.

KT Tunstall - Drastic Fantastic

The 200% girl (she's 100% Scottish, but also 50% Irish and 50% Chinese) returns with a second studio album, the follow up to her multi-platinum 2005 d├ębut 'Eye To The Telescope'. It is due for release on 10th September in the UK.
If you feel you might need to hear her play acoustically then that's actually "YOU NEED TO HEAR HER PLAY ACOUSTIC": it is an imperative, not a suggestion! You need 'KT Tunstall's Acoustic Extravaganza'; on the face of it this was a stop-gap release after the amazing success of 'Eye To The Telescope' and it consists of some re-workings, some covers (rather interestingly chosen) and various other acoustic odds and ends including hints for the new album... The real point to note is that, while it was recorded live on the island of Skye over a couple of days in 2006, it has a lot to recommend it and it is now available fairly cheaply from It was originally available only on-line through her label and, while the packaging may not be the same, the recordings are apparently identical.

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