Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fed Up!

It is not me that is fed up, at least not at the moment!
'Fed Up' is a single by a Latitude 2007 artist that I was unable to get to hear live - Remi Nicole. I have heard a few tracks on the radio and I liked them all.

She has been much lauded and, having got hold of her single Fed Up c/w Go With The Flow today (needless to say on vinyl as such exists), I can see clearly why. By traditional logic she should sing hip-hop or urban grime but she just also happens to be a rather fine acoustic guitarist and songwriter as well. As such she has, probably wisely, decided that her future lies as a solo artist. On the back of this single it is hard to fault that choice...

The next single, Go Mr. Sunshine, is released on 20th August on 2 x 7" variants and even a CD.

The forthcoming album is showing all signs of being yet another much-anticipated release - by me at least. It all makes me wonder what is inspiring the London music scene at the moment. The thing about it is that this new generation of artists and bands is not only committed to live performance; they have often actually built their reputations on the basis of it. Of course not everything important happens in London, Brighton, Leeds, Glasgow and even Canada (for that matter). Way out west there lies a little-loved place called Staines...

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