Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ambiguous warning messages...

Many CDs have warning messages affixed to them and this is probably the most common of them...

It is pretty clear what this is intended to do but I suspect that it may not. It clearly was not written by or for the age-range to which the message applies! To any young-teenage kids, whom it is presumably meant to protect, it is probably a shining beacon of the possibility of 'adult content' and an open invitation that might well be regarded as counterproductive.
This was on one of the CDs that my niece has on her birthday wish list. She will be nineteen - therefore is already an adult - and I'm quite certain that it has nothing on it that is likely to surprise her or indeed almost anyone else even approaching that age and, more to the point, why does this advisory apparently only apply to parents and their offspring?
I'm still a bit concerned about it however as my parents are coming to visit me this weekend. They are quite obviously rather older than me but the message implies that I should also warn them if I intend to play it or any other record so labelled!

The warning above is usually found on US albums but such things are not only confined to foreign shores...

This one is home-grown and it is on the cover of my copy of what is currently (and seems likely to remain) the biggest selling album of 2007 in the UK which, although first released in late 2006, is 'Back To Black' by Amy Winehouse.
This warning was actually intended to apply to the album and not,
as it has unfortunately since turned out, the artist but this week she was nominated for six 2007 'Grammy Awards'.

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