Tuesday, December 04, 2007

First Light --- albeit thirty-eight years late!

In a career spanning thirty-eight years and despite numerous line-up changes Wishbone Ash have now released twenty-two studio albums and these are generally held to start with Wishbone Ash in 1970 and currently end with the 2007 album Power of Eternity.
Only today I discovered their long denied (but oft-rumoured and certainly never released) zeroth album First Light actually does exist! In early 2007 a devoted American collector purchased the original 1969 acetate recording at auction and then made it available to Talking Elephant, their current label, which has now remastered it and made it available for the very first time!

Six of the eight tracks on it were to reappear, often in a much modified form, on their slightly later albums and the other two - Road Of Day To Day and Joshua - have never resurfaced on any publicly released recordings. For me at least this is one album I simply have to have!

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