Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Alas she cannot swim

While the general release of Alas I Cannot Swim has been delayed until Monday 11th February, the 'Song Box' release was on time and it is stunning - as those who have the 7" 'My Manic and I' EP already knew it would be. If you can find this EP new at anything like the £1.99 (+ p&p) that it cost six months ago then just buy it!

On Friday 1st February 2008, her 18th birthday, she avenged the mishap that befell her in October 2007 at the Soho Review Bar. This time she got to headline inside the venue, which was sold out again, rather than on the pavement outside!

The latest single is 'Ghosts', which is also the first track on the album.The 7" single is b/w non-album track 'Man Sings About Romance'.

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