Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hyped, unheard or hated music - I just can't wait!

The music press, even at the most lowly level, is guilty as charged and I'm totally guilty for writing this but you are implicated for reading it!
The whole thing is just a circus and almost always has been; now we can all add to the oxygen of publicity even if our individual contributions are small. On the other hand certain sections of the established music press can come over strange when they perceive an artist is "hyped" and thus no longer a (probably badly kept) secret. This annoys me slightly.
I'm more than willing to seek, buy and then mention music by lesser known artists if their music seems interesting to me (and sometimes only because I think it might) but I'm certainly not going to feel guilty about mentioning any artist in any category.

This artist has been hyped good-and-proper (in the UK at least) but nevertheless I like the album a great deal. If I can I'll still try to avoid borrowing photographs of the artwork by taking my own and happily this time I could.

This is my 12" vinyl version, guaranteed totally free of DRM!

Adele Adkins live in late 2007.

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