Friday, March 21, 2008

Lo-fi Americana 'Made in England'

When it comes to names, Low, Low Low, La, La, La, Love, Love, Love have one of the most cumbersome going but, while I was looking at this-and-that this evening I was reminded of their, unfortunately self-titled, 2004 d├ębut album:

The thing is that, while I can no longer remember how I came to hear of it and then buy it, it is actually rather good and for me track six, Roadkill Moon, in particular. This is not lo-fi done the traditional English way, though all band members are English, hence my title to the post. I then discovered that their second album, Ends of June, appears soon on US indie label Other Electricities and is apparently a natural continuation of the first although I haven't actually heard it yet. If you like this kind of music it might be worth bearing in mind.

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