Sunday, June 01, 2008

America just won't go away, thank goodness.

I rarely mention singles, unless in the context of albums, but this one - (Not a) Love Song - has caught my attention good and proper. I'm not quite sure why but clearly UK radio feels much the same as it is getting prodigious airplay.
It is taken from the forthcoming album, Little Voice, which is never mentioned on the radio but clearly should be, so here is the track list:

          • 1. Love Song
          • 2. Vegas
          • 3. Bottle It Up
          • 4. One Sweet Love
          • 5. Come Round Soon
          • 6. Morningside
          • 7. Between The Lines
          • 8. Love On The Rocks
          • 9. City
          • 10. Many The Miles
          • 11. Fairytale
          • 12. Gravity
If you don't like Love Song I suspect that, come the end of this summer, you will be mighty sick of this, which is actually her second album...

It is not currently released in the UK so I've ordered it from the US instead. There is nothing unusual in that and, because you probably understand my predilection by now, on 12" vinyl.

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