Saturday, July 05, 2008

It is supposed to be summer... Virtual Festival 2

This is less virtual than the last post. It is the 5th July and - as part of the Frome Festival - there was an international food event in the town centre this afternoon and evening. The weather for today was not predicted to be good but it was actually fine if perhaps a bit windy until about 4pm, which is when it really started to matter.

Then it started to rain steadily, if not particularly hard, when it really mattered most and this may have dampened enthusiasm but nevertheless the turnout (and the food of course) was good.

Local blues-rock band 'Sloe Jam' tried, quite successfully in a rather difficult situation, to keep spirits up and unusually for such a band they do no cover versions at all.

Sloe Jam live at Frome Festival, 5th July 2008.

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