Saturday, July 26, 2008

Latitude and the french connection...

I have previous convictions for blogging French music and French artists and, should I decide to do so, I could quite happily spend the rest of this weekend listening to nothing else. It is, in fact, very tempting given that I'm already listening to Gourmandises - Alizée.

The tenuous Latitude 2008 connection is Parisian singer/songwriter SoKo, aka Stephanie Sokolinski, live on Saturday afternoon attempting, but failing ever so slightly... behave as if she were a normal human being!

This was another wonderful set on the Sunset Stage, nestled in the woods and lending itself to photography, which will forever in my mind be associated with acts that are strange in all the best possible ways.

If more evidence were required, to prove that normality and SoKo simply do not occur together in the same place, here it is:

The 'kittens' were borrowed ad hoc from the audience and if proof that French pop can be stunning, as well as not merely taking itself too seriously, was needed then this was certainly silliness of the highest order but it was also very funny indeed!

SoKo is just perfectly unhinged and quite brilliant!

To read a review of a more recent live performance go here:

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