Thursday, October 02, 2008

That which ails your mind...

I certainly can't always do this, often because I don't have the answer, but this search is an exception. I love lyrics, maybe you know that already...

Let Me In
Make me understand
What it is to be a troubled man
And why you think that I'm the leaving kind
What else it is that ails your mind

Oh let me in, I swear... I'll stay there

Tell me what gets you off
I don't mind if it's rough or soft
Just as long as you can make me moan
I promise I'll never leave you alone

Oh let me in, I swear... I'll stay there

I'm so tired of bailing out
when push comes to shove
Six long years to figure out
all I need is your love

Take me to your cave
I promise you that I won't behave
But I will give you all of my love
And a body sent from heaven above.

Oh let me in, I swear... I'll stay there
Let me in, I swear... I'll stay there

This album, let alone this song that is only one amongst many just as good, has rarely been off my personal play list since I got it a few months ago. The songs are good, the instruments equally so, and when she plays fiddle it is to die for.
That is not to say that the UK is in any way short of similarly talented artists, for it is, but there is no harm in sharing...

It is a wonderfully warm and involving album and, before people start asking me about my 'Top ten Albums of 2008', I'll tell you that already I'm minded to sneak in a new category this year. While this does not mean it won't also be included in the former, barring the unthinkable this one will be in the latter!
If you want more lyrics then, while I can't always make promises, asking certainly doesn't hurt anyone.

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