Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fefe Dobson - Miss Underestimated

This is as much hope as fact - release dates have come and gone but it is true that ever since I wondered and then posted - What Happened to Fefe Dobson - it has been one of the most accessed posts I have ever written. The problem has been that which made me write in the first place! I didn't know and it seems that, popular though she obviously is, neither did anyone else willing to tell.
This is a brief resumé, as I understand it now:
Album #2, Sunday Love, was binned when her recording contract was terminated by Universal and since then the rumours have just run and run. I don't promise, as this is just a preliminary post, but there could be light at the end of the tunnel!

This single is now available, as an mp3 download, from and and she appears to now be signed to label '21 Music'. It is said to be the first single and also the title track from her new album though I have no idea of a release date - here, there or anywhere. If you know if this is correct or not, can add more, even if it is only hearsay, then please post it and let us all know.

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