Sunday, April 19, 2009

Leaf and stream....

As you might know by now I have a thing for lyrics, although I have no real idea how this came about, so here are some more. These are from long ago, but hey its Spring now, so what if it is influenced by the seasons and come from a song - on multi-platinum album Argus by Wishbone Ash - that is 37 years old this year.

I find myself beside a stream of empty thought
Like a leaf that's fallen to the ground.
Carried by the flow of water to my dreams
And woken only by your sound.
I've walked this path for many years and
Listened to the trees that call your name.

It still seems fresher than a daisy-chain around the neck of a faux-hippy ever could; I'm sorry folks, and as you know I like absolutely love loads of new music, but sometimes that is just how it is!
If you are looking for one of the best 'live albums' of the 1970s, and I've mentioned this topic here before, Live Dates (1973) is right up there with the very best of them. It is available on CD but better still is MCA Records MCSP254, the original 2 x 12" vinyl release.

Wishbone Ash are on tour too, a '40th Anniversary' one, and for shameless reasons of nostalgia I'm going to see it. The last time that I saw Wishbone Ash live, and I'm not ashamed to admit this either, was at the Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall more than twenty years ago. Some tell me that I shouldn't go again, that I'll only be disappointed, but they are also very ones that won't risk going to see an artist that they know nothing about.
I'll take the risk, thank you, and they can suffer the outcome. I will be interesting to see what the set list is although my guess it will lean towards the earlier classics.

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