Sunday, April 26, 2009

One job - two apprentices...

What a great way to spend a Saturday evening in 2009!
Listening to the band that forty years ago advertised for a lead guitarist in
Melody Maker and couldn't decide between two of them - ended up with both - and thus accidentally made rock history. Thin Lizzy regularly used twin leads, as did Blackfoot and many others too, but Powell and Turner were the ones who set the ball rolling.
I was just four in 1969 and there was no 'reality TV' either...

Some things however just get better with time and Wishbone Ash appear to be one of them; this was after all part of their '40th Anniversary Tour'. I have seen them twice before, the first time in 1985 at the Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall, and this was the best gig of the lot. Their set was almost two hours long including both new material and, of course, some of the classics. The last track was 'Phoenix' taken from the album Wishbone Ash (1970) on which it was over ten minutes long and so it was again.
These two pictures were both taken during the first encore and that was another track 'Lady Whiskey' from the same album.

Andy Powell still doing the business yesterday!

They appear as the last two tracks, but swapped over, on the 1974 double live LP 'Live Dates', which is the one I mentioned here last week.

That sound was still alive and well yesterday evening in Frome.
I'll add more soon but, at least for now, suffice to say it was one hell of a show!

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