Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Whither next?

I have already mentioned some 2010 albums that I am anticipating and you haven't yet seen the list of ones from 2009 that I haven't heard but wish I had. [Suggestions on both , and earlier ones, are always welcome by the way and can be anonymous or credited.]

The list to listen/watch, or both, in 2010 is growing at a rate faster than ever before and it makes me wonder about the kind of music that might become apparent in 2010. I know that Laura Marling is releasing her second album, 'I Speak Because I Can', probably on March 1, 2010 and I know I want that and also to see her live on the ensuing UK tour (April 2010).

On the other hand there will be new things challenging for attention and London-based three-piece Invasion might well be one of them and an oddity in that it fuses two apparently irreconcilable things: guitars and drums that come from the late 1960s flowering of heavy metal combined with decidedly other-worldly, wizard-loving, lyrics rather more typical of its resurgence about twenty years later...

...and, I nearly forgot, a vocalist who (although name-checking Ronnie James Dio) is Chan Brown, happens to be female and in possession of a decidedly soulful voice (soul divas can however scream with the best of them).
The album is incredibly short, so no self indulgent guitar or drum solos here, to the extent that it careers headlong through twelve tracks in just 22 minutes; indeed not one track actually reaches three minutes in length!
This was actually released in October 2009 but perhaps only now is its time coming. The longest track (2:55) is the last, the rather glorious 'Chaos & The Ancient Night', and this is a band now also on my 'live wants-list 2010'.

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