Sunday, April 25, 2010

Returning. Retro. Revised - New Music 2010 - Part 10

That was then, this is now...

I recently mentioned that I had a few in mind - so here are two of them. They both have line-up changes in their new incarnations and both have a sixties-influenced perspective; however none of the members (current or former) were even born in the 1970s and that is part of why they matter so much. Members of both come from musical family backgrounds, that is true, but rather varied ones.

This album, by Los Angeles based trio 'The Like', appeared in 2006 and it comprised Tennessee Thomas (drums, vocals), Charlotte Froom (bass, vocals) and Z Berg (vocals, guitar). It is retro-styled rock and I like it as much now as I did then. Until very recently I thought that they had vanished without trace. That however is not so.

They are now a four-piece: Tennessee Thomas and Z Berg are joined by Laena Geronimo (bass) and Annie Monroe (electric organ). They have been busy in the studio and this is their first new single. The producer is hardly an unknown, particularly given the influences in the music.

The next is a throwback to the earlier days of 1960's music - a time when female artists did not play instruments.

The 2006 album 'We Are The Pipettes' was something of an anachronism from the start. They looked the part and had an all-male backing band, 'The Cassettes' (then mostly comprising of members of 'British Sea Power'), but they could never have got away with some of the lyrics way back then...

They are back however, now a two-piece as Rosay (
Rose Elinor Dougall - who has also been working with Mark Ronson of late) and Riot Becki left to do other things, leaving Gwenno Saunders (centre, above) as the sole surviving member from the line up that recorded and toured the first album. That said even she was a last-minute replacement, recruited at an early 'Pipettes' gig in Cardiff and she has featured in this blog before, in a different guise.

Her only co-Pipette is now her sister Ani Saunders. The new album is scheduled for release in June 2010. All, or any, of these acts would be welcome additions to the stages at the coming summer's festivals.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Yeah, I like The Like. I recently listened to it again. I remember checking them out and seeing the new album on Wikipedia. Did not know about The Pipettes, although I like what I have heard prior.

From what I know about The Pipettes, they kind of remind me of the Be Good Tanyas, and The Ditty Bops.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you too!

Must be nice being in the UK, as you get plenty of great live music, both UK, and international acts!

Anonymous said...

I love love love love the like!!!!! Aren't they also working with Mark Ronson?

Used to like the pipettes when I was at uni but they've lost so many female members (you forgot to mention Anna Macdonald and Beth Mburu Bowie) that the whole girl power thing feels hypocritical. it's sweet but the new stuff feels so weird with just two girls.