Friday, April 30, 2010

Vinyl, for those who have asked...

It pains me to say that, while I'm delighted to discover that so many are still so interested in vinyl, I am often not able to provide the answers requested.

If I could find 'I Speak Because I Can' - Laura Marling (2010) on vinyl then I would have let you know. This is one of the ones that I am asked about most often. I hope that Virgin/EMI will take the hint...
Amy LaVere vinyl is something I can't find either - but recently discovered that is sought-for too and if you know something about any of this please copy it to me too!
Vinyl is not dead but it needs nurturing; independent labels and the likes of us are the future and we have to keep the faith, continue to fight for it and while is not going to be something for just for the short term, that only makes it more worthwhile. It is true that, while not twenty years ago they were commonplace in charity shops and similar, they now deserve a good home.
Demand can make a difference, something that is becoming increasingly apparent, but there are rarities from times long gone that await discovery in dusty attics and the like. If it is offered to you then just accept it gracefully; you can decide what is junk at your leisure and you might just get a surprise.

If you merely wish to listen to 'The Book Of Taliesyn', and I expect that quite reasonably that will be the limit of your ambition, then it is available to download, or on CD should that take your fancy, for a very modest price.

This may appear to be little different from that quite common, but it is up to us to save them from landfill. Yes it is vinyl (T-107) but not all that it seems. In the early days (1967) Deep Purple signed to the small US label Tetragrammaton because the band could not land a deal in the UK. Tetragrammaton went bust just months after this, Deep Purple's second album release, in 1968. Major-label history followed but that was not without its quirks either...

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