Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I could have written so much more in June...

There are, I have now learned and accepted, simply months like this.  It is not that I have been away from music, far from it in fact, but sometimes that is just the way things work out.  Nor does it mean that I have been involved in music that, to a great extent, is far away from that which I consider my mainstream.
On the subject of 'singles' I will however mention two that I like unashamedly:

  • You Make Me Want To Die - The Pretty Reckless
  • Self Machine - I Blame Coco
Both young and privileged artists?  Indubitably so, if in rather different ways, but both talented and determined to make it in the music industry on their own terms?
That also seems to ring true to me.  This is not what the major labels want, as you can well imagine, but currently they have to get anything they can.
Many of the new artists that they are currently releasing are not signed, in the old sense, to the label but are tied to a pre-determined distribution deal, which may or may not include music publishing.
This is not to say that all is gloom and doom. HMV recently posted good financial results, especially from its diversified music interests, particularly live promotion and ticket sales. Rest assured that I'm not about to back away from what I like either and inter alia that includes further forays into alt.folk,, Americana and the rest.
You have been warned.

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