Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Revenge and return.

Fefe Dobson is, sine qua non, the artist who has bought more folks to this blog than any other.  Some others have more recently given her a run for the money but they are not even close as yet!
That her first, the self titled Fefe Dobson and to date only released album, pre-dates this blog by almost three years may therefore come as something of a surprise.

Her second album would have been Sunday Love but her label dropped her after it was recorded and just before its release. Things come and they go, sometimes in strange ways.

The track-list for Joy is this. The release date soon, July I believe:
1. I Want You
2. Ghost
3. Watch Me Move
4. You Bitch
5. Thanks For Nothing
6. Can't Breathe
7. Didn't See You Coming
8. Let's Go (Turn It Up)
9. I'm A Lady
10. In Your Touch
11. Set Me Free
12. Joy

Many thanks to 'Angel' for much of the above information and to everyone else who has made this one topic the most sought after over the last three years.


Andrew said...

I have been eagerly awaiting Joy since hearing the first two singles last Fall!

Actually found your blog when I was looking for the cover of her debut for a review I wrote a little while back (http://wp.me/p13rw-3f).

Did you ever have the chance to hear Sunday Love? Of course, it did not disappoint!

Richard G said...

Hi and thanks for you kind comments. Google has, after a slight fit yesterday, seen fit to publish the comments that I approved!
I have heard much, perhaps most, of 'Sunday Love', if only in bits and pieces. Why the label will not release it/licence it to someone else to do so baffles me but perhaps it is time to move on. 'Joy' is probably Fefe doing exactly that... I don't think that it will disappoint either.