Saturday, August 07, 2010

New Music 2010 - Part 15 - Rest of The World

It's difficult to start this because I don't really know where it is going. I have lots of ideas and, while they somehow belong together in some ways, they are separate strands like those in a plait.  Starting anything is, however, the hardest part.  There is so much that is wrong and yet there is also much that is right.  In the world, as also reflected in music.  There must be absolutely incredible modern music from, inter alia and in no particular order, China, India and Russia.  Maybe it is just that I'm living in some kind of musical cave; if that is so please point me in the right direction.
Europe, the Americas and Australasia may dominate our "world of music" but somewhere in the region of three billion people in those three countries alone can't help but express themselves through modern music with some stunning results.  We do hear some African music, from time to time, and even J-pop and K-punk if you look hard enough, but what about Indonesia and many others?

The 'official' title is the, rather condescending I think, term 'World Music'. I'm not promising to like anything in particular but then I never do; I am however quite happy to take a chance on some recommendations of things that I might, or indeed ought to, listen to.

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