Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Least @ Latitude - Part 8 - "The American Dream"

Much of that which I have written in this series of posts concerning some of the less well-known artists that I saw live at Latitude 2010 has focussed on those that I saw performing on the Lake Stage.  In previous years that rôle has more often than not been taken by artists that I have seen on the Sunset Stage.   I particularly associate it with all things American, thus my recent comments concerning 'The Pains of Being Pure at Heart' this year and 'Yes Giantess' in 2009.  It is however, nestling in the woods and more reflective of the ambient weather, the sublime setting for acoustic music...
It can change character in seconds! One of the hazards at the front of stage is the possibility of a surprise drenching during showers but, when the sun comes out, it is just different because of the sylvan setting. As we discovered in 2010 that can result in some surprising things - very scary and equally remarkable - but in totally different ways.

Jesca Hoop live on the Sunset stage on Sunday afternoon.
She finished the set with the awesome 'Hunting My Dress'.

And that is to say nothing about what happened when the wind almost resulted in disaster on Friday or the sun suddenly came out on Saturday...
This post is unfinished but that is only an indication of why the Sunset Stage is actually that important and, ultimately, why it matters so much.

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