Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Low Anthem - EOTR 2010 - Part 5

As it was at the End Of The Road 2009, so it was at the End Of The Road 2010.
While they hail from Providence RI, the band seems to have adopted Larmer Tree Gardens as their second home and they are seemingly busier, and certainly better, than ever. They appeared, often in part and/or with others, in many places and many guises.

These pictures are simply The Low Anthem using instruments as is their voluble wont.

A particularly notable other was former Low Anthem band-member Daniel Lefkowitz, who also performed his own live material in a separate set: there is clearly no hard feeling on either side and that is amply attested by the production credits on his forthcoming d├ębut solo album.

In addition to such obvious favourites as 'Charlie Darwin', 'Ticket Taker' and 'To The Ghosts Who Write History Books', they performed a rousing version of  'This God Damn House', a song that he wrote when he was a member of the band.
Equally interesting were the songs-as-yet-unreleased. In part at least, and this is no secret it would seem, destined for the forthcoming third album. I thought that they sounded good.
Far be it from me to even try and second-guess what the album might sound like - The Low Anthem is far too talented and unpredictable for that - but on the other hand I'd wager that whatever it turns out to be I'll like it nonetheless.

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m said...

New Low Anthem album soon, and here's a new vid/doc of Low Anthem

Also, Mat "Twain"Davidson of Low
Anthem has new solo album at his
site at

Twain video of show in Brussels Cheers!