Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love, loathe, or never even thought about it?

This is just one of the lessons I learned the weekend before last. Those who have opinions have definite ones, many other people are ambivalent to the extent that the concept of folk music means almost nothing at all. It is not for everyone, I know almost nothing at all about classical music although I should. I could find so much to listen to so easily but still I don't. That's just me.
On the subject of folk, which of course I like a great deal, this is a pretty distinct compilation played and sung largely in the contemporary idiom. 

It is also a totally free, and legal, 11-track, 320 mp3 download.
You might not even regard it as folk music at all... and if that is so then that doesn't bother me one bit. If you like it for what it is then that is actually the only thing that matters.  This is the track list:
  1. Laura Boyle - Arms Of The Angels
  2. Dave Gerard and the Watchmen - Stables
  3. Jessie Moncrieff - Georgie
  4. Andrew Butler - Love Is A Record
  5. Camille Delean - Rivers
  6. O. Chapman feat. Faith Barker - Morning Song
  7. Lucy Cait - Brother
  8. Worry Dolls - Polaroids
  9. Woodford Green - What The Doctor Said
  10. Josienne Clarke - Forever And More
  11. Salwa Azar - White Horse
And, as I was exploring, I thought I might as well also add some artist links (not included in the download).  I certainly haven't had time to explore them in detail yet, but here they are anyway, and a lot of it looks well worth further investigation. 

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