Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Music 2015 - Part 30 - Orchard Hill - Make It Out Alive

So how did this happen?
Well I was just following this and that, about festivals and stuff. They say never judge a book by its cover - and that applies to music - even digital artwork I suppose. I didn't get a chance because the music came first - I had to search for the artwork myself but it was worth it.

I think it sets the tone of the EP 'Make It Out Alive' perfectly.
I'm not even sure yet how to to categorise the music - there are three songs - on this 2014 self-released EP. It isn't folk, that is certain, but most other descriptors have connotations that I don't really want to attach to it. The answer, of course, is to listen to it yourself.
Forced to put a finger on it this female-fronted four-piece from the south coast of the UK is either pop-rock or rock-pop.
That it is not worthy of the lazy comparisons, particularly with certain American acts that may be held to be in that category, and with which Orchard Hill has seemingly come to be compared is without doubt.
In that sense the subdued artwork says as much as it possibly could.  This EP is an example of the British sentiment for understatement, if ever there were one. Never maudlin, 
it is a fine example of cheerfulness in adversity; the title alone bears that out. 

Listen to this.

See Orchard Hill live. ASAP [also a note-to-self]

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