Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Nothin' But Blood - Scott H Biram

I have been listening to so much music lately and in part connected to the festivals that I am attending this summer. This album however, although in some ways connected to my previous post,  really needs a post of its own.
It also nicely illustrates two points: the first is that I can't possibly keep up with all new music that I might wish to in real time and therefore that once again it is wise to keep note of independent labels that one trusts.

In this case the artist Scott H. Biram is not new and this (2014) is his fifth LP release with Bloodshot Records. It is loud, direct and dirty, often to the point of profanity, heartfelt blues-country-rock. The original songs are are every bit incisive; as much are the wisely interpreted covers including Willie Dixon's 'Back Door Man'. Originally written for Howlin' Wolf (1961) it later appeared on his own LP 'I Am The Blues' (1970). It has needless to say been covered, in whole or in part, many other times in the meanwhile. I'm thinking Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush in particular here, but I have yet to find it in my vinyl collection. It is in there, somewhere.

This is the opening track to the LP and 'Slow and Easy' is a pretty gentle introduction as its title might suggest. I can do no better than this summary:
Rock 'n' Roll ain't pretty and neither is Scott H BiramBelow the link to 'Slow & Easy' is the full track listing.

  • Slow & Easy 
  • Gotta Get to Heaven
  • Alcohol Blues 
  • Never Comin' Home
  • Only 
  • Jack of Diamonds
  • Nam Weed
  • Backdoor Man
  • Church Point Girls 
  • I'm Troubled
  • Around the Bend
This is one album that I just had to have on vinyl. What you might not guess is that he is a one-man-band. In that sense I think that he would be absolutely perfect for the tiny Saloon Stage at Truck Festival 2015! But then, since I'm going to Truck, it is just my selfish streak.

So, my second point about all of this is...
Well... I'll just keep y'all waitin' for that.

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