Wednesday, June 08, 2016

New Music 2016 - Part 36 - Joanne Shaw Taylor - Wild

Let's just get straight to the point here. This is what this post is about.

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Wild (30 September 2016, Axehouse Records).

This is the playlist:
  • Dyin’ To Know
  • Ready To Roll
  • Get You Back
  • No Reason To Stay
  • Wild Is The Wind
  • Wanna Be My Lover
  • I’m In Chains
  • I Wish I Could Wish You Back
  • My Heart’s Got A Mind Of Its Own
  • Nothin’ To Lose
  • Summertime

I don't know quite what it sounds like but suffice to say that when I saw her play live (once again) a few months back the omens were good. Very good indeed. This is her fifth studio album and the second to be released on her own independent label Axehouse Records; so take it as read that she has a fine sense of what she wants her music to sound like and who would be the people to work with in order to make that happen.

If you don't believe me then see this piece:

Of course no record producer, it is Kevin Shirley in this case, would seek to undermine their own work or that of the artist that has employed them. On the other hand this, coming as it does more than three months before the recording is released, is a considerable departure from the normal state of things: Muted expressions of understanding, of shared values and so on are the most one usually hears. If one hears if anything at all that is and even when one does it comes from the artist more often than not. I for one am hoping that he is right.
Any which way Joanne Shaw Taylor is a phenomenal live artist and she is touring widely in support of 'Wild'. That is something you need to experience.

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