Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Music 2016 - Part 38 - The Moon and You - A White Light That Sings

Once upon a time I used to find "new music" by listening to that which some suits in label A&R and in radio deemed was "good" and should therefore be play-listed. I'm not singling out any genre of music here - all of them were guilty in their own particular ways.
In recent times I have become far more proactive when it comes to new music - both recorded and live at festivals. It is very true that I have a certain independent streak when it comes to music and tend towards missionary zeal when it comes to seeing support artists and those playing the smallest stages at a festival.  I'd like to believe, however, that I'm not someone that disowns acts that become successful but readers really need to be the true judge of that!

There is nothing more rewarding than when new music comes calling. I suppose that is because I do have an ego and it engenders a warm feeling. On the other hand the guiding principle of 'Thoughts on music' is that I don't waste my limited resources on writing about things that I don't like.

The Moon and You - A White Light That Sings (self released, 24 June 2016).

The Moon and You is, at its core, the duo of Melissa Hyman and Ryan Furstenberg that hails from Asheville, NC. They share vocal duties. Melissa plays cello, Ryan guitar, except when they decide to play ukulele and banjo instead and oft-times they are joined by various co-conspirators on the eleven tracks that comprise their d├ębut album.

The Moon and You - A White Light That Sings
  • Clever Worms
  • Dress of Your Own
  • Micro-chip Electrode Brain
  • Somebody Else
  • Diamonds
  • Bottom of the Road
  • Lion and the Rabbit
  • Ghost
  • Autumn Days
  • Currituck County Moon
  • Austen's Lullaby
This is where I am with it right now...  or more specifically where I wish that I could be in just over a week's time. I happen to be a fan of poster art too.

Just imagine this looking down at you from the arching platform billboards on The London Underground!

I don't often mention individual tracks but I'm feeling rather tempted to do just that on this occasion. Genre-defying is what I read, before listening to the work in question. I like that idea...

In the meantime here is opening track 'Clever Worms' recorded live in 2013.

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