Tuesday, April 22, 2008

El álbum se me había olvidado por completo.

If I have got the title of this post wrong then I apologise (and please correct me). The shocking oversight is that despite having had this CD for at least five years I have paid little attention to it. I know I listened to it when I bought it and at the time, possibly because I expected it to be different in some way that I have long forgotten, it ended up in the never-listened-to category. I suspect that back then it was just something I bought on a wave of enthusiasm but also slightly ahead of its time when it came to what I was prepared to like. I can't remember how disappointed I felt when I first got it but presumably sufficiently so that I have not paid it any attention since.
That is until today when, and this is quite equally inexplicable, I noticed it and thought it time to listen again.

Tres Cosas - Juana Molina (Domino Records 2002).

I've just listened to it twice - back-to-back - and why I didn't much care for it then is a complete mystery to me now. In the longer term it seems to have proved to be a winning formula: in 2008 I have what is, to me at least, a 'new album' yet one that I paid for in 2002. I can live with that result!

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