Sunday, April 06, 2008

Needless Allies - a rare foray away from music.

Live music is enjoying a huge rise in popularity but just this once I'm going to try to convince you that another live experience - live theatre on the alleys, paths and byways of central Birmingham - could catch on.
It certainly should... it is not theatre as you generally know it, the kind for which you book a ticket months in advance and take a numbered seat at the appointed time; it's the kind that will simply sneak up on you while you are minding your own business about town!

The main thing is that, as part of Fierce Festival 2008, they just need your help to be able to pull it off. This is not a call for sponsorship however, but a plea for support simply because the acts are being decided by a public vote that is free! (There are no sneaky call charges or SMS options available - how quaint is that!)
As of today there are eight acts and one of them will be eliminated each day this week until only three are left. They will perform at the Fierce Festival in May and Needless Allies intend to be there with B1 Labyrinth. To do that they simply need your vote in the Public Space category each and every day this week - it is as clear as that and it is free! To vote now just click the image above and follow the links or go to and take it from there
When they make it, thanks to your support, you will be able to wander around central Birmingham and try to catch the performance and that won't cost you a penny either. To see more look here:

B1 Labyrinth on Facebook
(You do not need a Facebook account to see or use this site.)

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