Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker...

While talking of singles, and particularly considering the recent canon of singer-songwriters from Scotland, this was a serious omission. I forgot to mention Sandi Thom, from Banff, who had a #1 single when re-released (in the UK) in 2006 after she was signed to Sony BMG having played live, via the internet, from her basement flat in London. If anything it was even more successful elsewhere and particularly in Australia, where it was at #1 in the singles chart for ten successive weeks and also the biggest selling single of 2006.

Since then she might seem to have vanished but that is not true and new material will appear soon.

When I said re-released I meant it too.
(Click image to see it larger.)

THAT single, 'I Wish I was A Punk Rocker (with flowers in my hair)', was originally a very limited CD single release by Orcadian indie label Viking Legacy (as VIKINGS04) that was the first to spot her potential. The above image is of one of those originals, which also includes Sandi Thom covering 'No More Heroes', written and originally recorded by 'The Stranglers'. This CD single is worth an attempt at finding for this alone but, failing that, Sandi Thom's second album should be released sometime in 2008 and I'll readily admit that, whenever I listen to to the track Sunset Borderline on the first it never really leaves me untouched.

It is still among my favorite songs of its kind and yet I have a problem with it and I don't really understand why.

I'm waiting for the sunset borderline
For every sun's got a separate time
But I'll remember these moments for ever more
As the days when nothing had changed at all.

The second album is to beThe Pink and The Lily.
The scheduled UK release date is 26 May 2008.

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