Thursday, May 08, 2008

A fascination with lyrics...

This is becoming a theme here and I welcome it. Why have songs with words if no-one cares what they are?

To whoever has just asked about Kate Nash lyrics then those for the album 'Made Of Bricks' are in the sleeve insert of the standard CD released in the UK Fiction/Poyldor (Universal) 1743143. You can also find them here, and this includes the lyric for Birds (see below). My usual warnings about the safety of the site and, less importantly, the reliability of the lyrics apply!

Yesterday someone searched for how to get a download of the first Kate Nash single; released in in early 2007 and before she had a label deal. It was Caroline's A Victim, c/w Birds. This was a limited release, physically only on 7", on the label Moshi Moshi Records as MOMO4. If my memory serves me right it was also available for download (not free) and it may have included a bonus track. Moshi Moshi has recently released a compilation of the hard-to-find 7" releases on CD and it might be on that, along with many other interesting gems.
I can provide the lyrics for either of these tracks if you ask but Caroline's A Victim doesn't really have many anyway.

Finding a copy of the 7" would be a bonus and never say never! An overlooked copy may lurk in the 'bargain bin' of your local record shop because not many people had heard of Kate Nash when it was released and, if one thing is certain, it is that if you don't look then you won't find it. Even in the apparently obvious places there can be surprises, and sometimes at bargain prices, because people in search of items they perceive as hard to find don't look there while those looking for the new releases will look there but not for such items!

To help you find it, this is what you are looking for.

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