Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Not Me, Its You...

I got myself in a kind of loop this week hence the lack of posts.
I like to think that I have a good memory and that this is a good thing. It is but very occasionally it has a downside and one manifestation is that most of the music I can remember suddenly doesn't seem so interesting at all! This has happened before and I know it is only a temporary thing, so nothing really to worry about, but now I have realised it might have a benefit - or perhaps be more of an excuse! It is not my fault and so, if I have enough albums, surely there will come a point at which I can't possibly even remember them all, let alone whether I like them or not? My tastes change anyway, as I mentioned recently, so that should help too. It is possible that I have enough already but I'm not going to take any chances...

This evening I even got bored with the radio, but there are some current singles I should mention, and thus went to explore my collection in some detail. I created a small stack of things that made me curious - some of which you'll probably be glad that I rejected - and finally settled on this one for starters.

It's Not Me, It's You - The Free French.

It did the trick, hence this post and its title. Listening to it now, twice this evening, it strikes me that it fits current UK pop sensitivity well in many ways. What I find interesting about this is that it was released, as hitBACK Records 25CD, in 2003. If you are curious too it is happily still readily available. The Free French is essentially South London-based singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Rhodri Marsden aided by any (variable) number of collaborators for the performance aspects. The music is good and the lyrics can at times be even better still, if slightly strange. And track 5 Metaphorically contains a reference to Ribena (a blackcurrant soft drink seemingly largely confined to the UK) thus proving that (another Londoner) Estelle's current single featuring Kanye West is not the first song to mention it!

There was an earlier album, Running On Batteries (2002) that I also have and a later one, A Place Of Our Own (2005) that I don't. They are both readily available and I've just ordered the latter to complete my collection. I am currently unaware if The Free French is still a going concern but only because I haven't yet attempted to investigate.

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