Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We Started Nothing, but things are changing.

We need all the talent but that said, and while there would seem to be no shortage around, it is not all going to be with the new brigade!

This week, on both sides of the Atlantic, the album charts are topped by Neil Diamond and it is the first time in a career spanning the better part of five decades that either in the UK or the US he has done that with a studio album ('Greatest Hits' and other compilations are excluded). That Home Before Dark did it simultaneously in both the UK and the US, when he is sixty-seven and on the week of the release, is nothing if not remarkable.

It shows two things I think; one is that music is not only the preserve of the younger generation (Neil Diamond is a huge influence on many successful young singer-songwriters anyway) and that, perhaps, the decline of the recorded music industry is overstated and there may be some that have their own reasons for purveying that impression.

So these two, both twenty-something denizens of the modern and creative part of Salford, chose a rather self-deprecating title for their much anticipated first album, but this not an outfit to mention in the same breath as many fellow Mancunians. It has to be said that, but for the grace of God, Oasis have yet to be self-destructing but the same sadly cannot be said for Ian Curtis of Joy Division.

Ting Tings are however just what Britain needs at the start of every summer and were widely tipped to be so in 2008. This album is a blast that, while in some minor ways pays homage to the 1980s and 1990s, is just pure pop as it really should be done; for the sheer hell of it and so just perfect for summer and the festival season!
The first two singles, 'Fruit Machine' and 'Great DJ' were special but the third single 'That's Not My Name' is just stupidly addictive (so thus the perfect pop single) and went straight to #1 in the UK this week, which was also the week in which the album We Started Nothing was physically released*. I would not be particularly surprised if the single and album managed to achieve a chart double this coming Sunday.

There is not quite the apparently vast gulf between the two acts as at first you might imagine!

* Yes it does exist - very limited and all pressed in red - on 12" vinyl too.

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