Tuesday, June 23, 2015

End Of The Road Festival is 10 in September.

This is the current line-up (the four music stages only) and the day split-list. Please remember that the acts on different stages are staggered and run for different duration and with different lead times between acts. To put it more simply, acts on the same level in a list but on different stages will not necessarily clash, at least in toto. There will however, unless your desires are few, be myriad clashes. That is as just as it should be.
I know I'm going to have that problem big time. Saturday is quite simply a crisis just waiting to happen.

There are still some tickets left... see you there? I will come back to more specific ideas of that which I want to see later but, as anyone that has met me at a festival will know, I'm very prone to changing my mind and just flying by the seat of my pants once I'm actually there.
We'll see what happens; there are plenty of acts that I need to look into as well as the many that I already know I want to see. When it comes to the secrets and the pop-up acts, well that's another challenge entirely. That said, there are some candidates more likely than others...
Why am I not mentioning any acts or artists here?
It doesn't seem to me to be the place to show any kind of favouritism, or even opinion, of that kind. I'm sure that you can pick my mind by proxy, at least in part, by going back through earlier posts.

EOTR is a couple of months, and three other festivals, away. Maybe I need to put together a Spotify playlist, or two, particular concerning things perhaps less well known.

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