Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Music 2015 - Part 51 - This Is The Kit - Bashed Out

I thought that I had mentioned this release in a post already as I have been listening to it often, but seemingly I did not. Be that as it may, This Is The Kit is very much on my 'to see' list at End of The Road Festival 2015.

'Bashed Out' is the band's first full LP, released by Brassland Records a few months ago.
The title of the album is slightly curious, albeit precise, and that the seventh track on it is 'Nits' only reinforces the feeling that this is indeed something slightly odd. It is also very good indeed.
For those that need to have music categorized, I sometimes find it (un)helpful, this is a big problem. It is not folk, it is not entirely acoustic either and then we find ourselves in the territory of alt-folk/nu-folk/freak folk.

The problem is that, in as far as I can tell, we are no better off than the mediaeval map makers whose works tailed off at the edges of what they understood and when things got really tough included mythical creatures, possibly as a warning to those that might wish to venture from the "known world". That territory is now musically well populated but remains, in designation at least, 'beyond the pale' and that in itself is a very old term indeed.

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