Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Music 2013 - Part 23 - Karima Francis - Black

I received this in the post yesterday and I couldn't wait to give it a thorough listen or three. The word is that I'm liking it very much indeed.
It seems so long ago that I reviewed Karima Francis's first album 'The Author'. It was back in 2009; it was good and so, if maybe less original, was the follow-up 'The Remedy' in 2012. Beneath the surface lay a major career set back. Not very many would have the strength of character to overcome a rejection like that.

Four years later her third album 'Black' is the result of a successful crowd-funding venture. Karima is supported by an excellent band, the members of which apparently coalesced out of nowhere in the matter of a very few days by dint of good fortune and quick thinking on the part of Karima to get them on-board. It is a record just how the tight unit wanted it to sound, working free from outside interference.

Karima Francis - Black:
  • Black
  • City Walls
  • H.W.T.M.C.
  • Believe In Love
  • Regrets
  • It's Alright Now
  • Shout
  • Remember Me
  • Waves
  • Perfect Dream
  • Blue Moon
I can find no official release date as yet. 140dB Records is managing this release. What I really want to do now is see Karima and the band play live!

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