Sunday, March 06, 2016

New Music 2016 - Part 18 - Moulettes - Preternatural

Brighton-based, Moulettes return soon with their fourth long-player. The band's core remains, with Hannah Miller and Ruth Skipper providing most lead vocals in the past as well as a variety of instruments less commonly seen, including bassoon and autoharp.  There is a new band member for this project and that is Raevennan Husbandes (vocals and electric guitar).
What I strongly suspect is that the Moulettes' universe of unpredictable alt-folk-prog-rock is going to expand again.
Whereas a loose theme of their last LP, Constellations (2014) was the unknown boundaries presented by cosmology this one is taking a journey into the last unknown frontiers of planet earth --- from a tiny nematode worm (Halicephalobus mephisto and 
the title of track 4) to all the strange creatures, both newly discovered and those yet unknown to humankind, that inhabit dark and cold (or otherwise the very hot volcanic vents) of the ocean depths and similar inhospitable environments. What I am quite certain about is that the musical vision that accompanies such esoteric subject material will not disappoint.

Moulettes - Preternatural (27 May 2016).
It can be pre-ordered here (at a discount) in many formats and also bundled with related merchandise.

Moulettes - Preternatural:
  • Behemooth
  • UnderWaterPainter
  • Coral
  • Hidden World (Halicephalobus mephisto)
  • Pufferfish Love
  • Patterns
  • Rite Of Passage
  • Medusa
  • Parasite
  • Bird Of Paradise (Part II)
  • Silk

Moulettes tour the UK in April/May and internationally thereafter.

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