Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's classless and crass; it's only the end of the world...

Just yesterday I was saying that I had albums that were mellow and also those that I hadn't really listened to properly. It now seems that they were often in both categories and yet others are not.

Yesterday and today I've unearthed some more and given them a good listening to. I'll soon disclose more of them but, if anything can be predicted, they point to more purchases of music by Sarah Nixey.
"Sarah who?", I can almost hear you say in unison!
Well, if you don't already know it, she was vocalist for thoroughly English trio 'Black Box Recorder' - the all-time experts in hopeful misery - for whom she sung with a perfect diction that only makes the often quite disturbing lyrics seem all the more surprising. It is an effect both creepy and claustrophobic that can either be soothing or scary but, whichever it turns out to be, the choice is always hers and never yours!

England Made Me (1998) was the first of the three 'Black Box Recorder' albums.

The title of this post is a lyric borrowed from track 4 while the single Child Psychology was even banned from the radio, on account of the lyric "Kill yourself or get over it.", as if it would have had much air-play anyway.

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