Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lattitude 2007, just go listen!

As well as the big names the fascinating variety of other acts was, for me perhaps, the greatest attraction of the line up. From pop to nu-folk to rock there was always something interesting to go and hear.
First I'll start with two of the catchiest pure UK pop songs of 2007:

The Hoosiers perform Worried About Ray while opening the main stage on Sunday.

The three of them looked a bit surprised by the space they had to occupy to be quite honest, as this was their first festival gig, but they soon grew in confidence and were actually quite impressive in sound if not in presence. It is, I suspect, going to be a very difficult single to follow and their début album does not appear until late August (Sony BMG).

As for Bolton band Cherry Ghost I was only able to catch the last track of their set on the Uncut Stage, which was the recent single 'People Help The People'. They looked really quite comfortable on a stage this size - arguably it would have suited 'The Hoosiers' better too - and the live version of the single bettered the recorded version in a number of ways. In retrospect I wish I had caught the whole of their live set but here they are...

Cherry Ghost's début album 'Thirst For Romance' was released (Heavenly Records) the previous Monday, 9th July. It is my suspicion that, one way or another, Cherry Ghost may turn out to be with us for longer than The Hoosiers.

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