Monday, July 02, 2007

Woe On the High Street (Part 1.1)

This is merely a continuation of yesterday's ramblings on the state of music retailing. Firstly, thank you those who sent me e-mails on the subject today - they have been read and noted.

I didn't mention independent music retailers (on/off-line) and most of you did! I agree entirely and that is why I focussed on the long established chain-retailers. I suspect that HMV will survive the changes in the medium term and probably return bigger and better - in many ways it is the Marks & Spencer of the music retailing industry and that is an example of a UK retailer that has very successfully pulled itself back together, after a few really rocky years, by a combination of good marketing and re-invention.
Nipper is an old dog who needs to learn some new tricks.

HMV can sometimes already be considerably cheaper than, and free delivery is included (it takes a GBP 15 order with to qualify).

If I can get the new toy available in "blogger-in-draft" to work then I intend to conduct an entirely anonymous poll to try and find out where my readers buy their music now (by 'now' let's take it to mean 2007 so far).
If that works (and I think the current poll is up and running now) then I'd like to repeat the same survey and, if applicable, ask where you bought your music ten years ago.

If you think I have should have included any other answers, or you want to say anything else about this topic, then please post a comment to this post or e-mail me.

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