Saturday, April 19, 2008

Age is not always a bad thing...

I sometimes think that, being the far side of forty, it might seem strange that I should like so much new music but I'm quite able to ignore such things, or even rebut them if that is strictly necessary.
On the other hand things that I'm too young to remember first-hand I am simply never asked about and perhaps the best thing about having a music collection is that in all probability, when the everyday listening seems exactly that, you can always find something strange to listen to that you haven't heard in ages.
I've long had a soft spot for folk music in most disguises and this is one album, certainly not the only one, that has been in my collection for over twenty years now but is actually far older than that:

Planxty - The Well Below The Valley (1973)

This is available on CD from the usual sources but Polydor 2383-232 (the original issue vinyl) might not be. The following year they released 'Cold Blow and the Rainy Night', which is regarded by some as even better. I have that on original vinyl too but I wouldn't care to say I like one more than the other. The one thing I don't have is their eponymous first album, and many regard this at the finest of the lot. It is readily available on CD, of that there is no doubt, but as I have the other two on vinyl there is a certain temptation ...

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