Saturday, April 12, 2008

The basic ' listened today' list...

It is just a start but it is now up there at the very top of the side-bar and if there is the suffix (s) with the year of release it indicates that this is a single, not an album, release that all others not specifically denoted will refer to, regardless of physical format.
I'll try and update it as often as practicable and what it should be is simply a list of albums, or sometimes other music, that I have chosen to listen to most recently. That list is currently limited to ten items and so, as I add new ones, older ones should hopefully simply disappear from the bottom unless of course I chose to listen to them again!
If ten entries seems too many or too few then that can be changed very easily and I've already considered the possibility of including links to the entries if that should seem a popular idea. I'm always happy to receive comments, whether they are favourable or not, just as long as they not offensive.
Please feel free to ask me more about any post, either by adding a comment to the most recent post (even if it actually isn't relevant to it at all) or if you prefer by sending me an e-mail. I'll try and do my best to provide an answer if I can.

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