Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Amy Studt - an album update...

You ever vigilant people have been looking at this and it has prompted me to attempt an update. I'm sorry it has taken so long, and really I must chase the latest on the next Fefe Dobson album too...

Back to Amy Studt: The album seems to be now My Paper Made Men and its UK release has now been pushed back from April 14 until May 5. The track-listing is, in so far as I am currently aware, as follows:

  • Furniture
  • Sad, Sad World
  • One Last Cig
  • Tree
  • I'm A Big, Big Girl
  • She Ran
  • Goes Too Fast
  • Here Lies Love
  • Chasing The Light
  • Colour Me By Numbers
  • Walking Out
  • She Walks Beautiful
  • Nice Boys
  • The Lucky Ones
  • My Paper-made Man
Lyrics to some songs are currently appearing on the internet but they are, I strongly suspect, not entirely correct. You could try the following links but I don't guarantee that these sites are without other hazards, such as spy-ware, so take the usual precautions!
'My Paper-made Man'
This has many tracks, including those from her first album.

From what I have read thus far the UK press is in two minds about My Paper-made Men but it didn't like her first False Smiles (2003) much either. Take what you will from that but I'm going to listen to it before I venture an opinion on the new album and - guilty as charged - I rather like False Smiles even if it were not world-changing and, perhaps more importantly,was also rather unnecessarily over-produced. That is certainly not to damn it with faint praise and there is no accounting for individual taste. I think the single 'Misfit' actually made that pretty clear from the start!

Sometimes I feel you're not listening,
Sometimes I think you don't understand.

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