Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Let's Fall Back In Love

It is that time of year, unless of course you are south of the equator, when the days get shorter and the nights longer. If you have had a rubbish week at work so far, or are suffering any other similar situation, then I hope that it is some consolation that I share your lack of enthusiasm.

Two cheering thoughts: a good autumn (still a possibility) could well be better than a crappy summer (already confirmed) and more time to find and listen to music, new or old; more releases too and more time to read and write about them. The strange thing is, and this is nothing new, the more gloomy I feel in general the more eclectic and wide-ranging my taste in music becomes but seemingly not to the detriment of what I might regard as my 'core themes'.

Infinite Night
Drug lords, crooked cops, and thieves
Preying on the poor and on the weak
Boys with rifles in their hands
Far too young to understand.

When it's more than you can bear
Let the silence fill the air.
You get a glimpse of the holy light
Well the sun is just a star
It reminds us of where we are
Just a little part of the infinite night.

Rich hold on to what they've got
Keep them far away from those who have not
Oceans rise and the fires rage on
Too much lost and nothing won.


Oh looking down from up above
How we live and how we love
And how many days are yet to come... oh...

That track ain't even the half of it and this only confirms my view that, come the end of 2008, my selection of 'best albums' is likely to challenge that of last year in its variety and it would not greatly surprise me if this album [She Ain't Me - Carrie Rodriguez] features in it.

Let Me In
Make me understand
What it is to be a troubled man
And why you think that I'm the leaving kind
What else it is that ails your mind.

Oh let me in, I swear... I'll stay there.

I'm so tired of bailing out when push comes to shove.
Six long years to figure out all I need is your love.

Take me to your cave
I promise you that I won't behave
But I will give you all of my love
And a body sent from heaven above.

Oh let me in, I swear... I'll stay there.
Let me in , I swear... I'll stay there.

Back on planet GB there is no shortage of new music either and Slow Club are an act that I have seen live twice, at Latitude 2007 and Latitude 2008. They are wonderful and this (five-track CD) EP was released on Monday, 1 September by Moshi Moshi (MOMO66) and is an antidote to the rubbish summer weather. You might also find half of Slow Club, Rebecca, moonlighting-live with Noah and The Whale!

1. Let's Fall Back
2 Come On Youth
3. Dance To The Morning Light
4. Summer Shakedown
5. Trick Question

Slow Club on The Lake Stage @ Latitude 2007.

They are certainly unconventional but unquestionably good and, quite frankly, what's not to love?

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