Saturday, September 13, 2008

Coming Soon - new music 2008 (Part 5)

Autumn is always a time for new releases by established artists and in 2008 Safe Journey Home (released 3 November 2008 in the UK), the third album from Dido and the first since Life For Rent in 2003, is an obvious one to mention. I'll readily admit that two albums, and over twenty million sales of them, have not made me any less curious about this new one.

So it is about the second album by Jem, Down To Earth released in the US on 16 September, and which I'm told that it is jaw-droppingly good. I sincerely hope so too but I am, as yet, unfortunately unable to comment definitively.

The strangest thing is that it is not necessary to orbit the planet to find things musically wonderful - and I may well be mad but it is nothing new -
because France will do nicely instead!

Yes, there are a lot of them in New Grids. Yes, 'Coming Soon' doesn't sound French, but it is certainly not British for that matter, but it is nevertheless their début album and yet the word genre is one quite lost on their music. They are all French too - just how good is that?

Sticking with things French, Soko (Stephanie Sokolinski) is currently in Seattle putting the finishing touches to her début album, which should be released in early 2009, at Bear Creek studio. I'd want to hear this album anyway but, having already seen her perform live, it is simply a must-have.

Soko live at Latitude in July 2008.

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